Venezuela: Interview with Gonzalo Gomez

by Eva María

Gonzalo Gómez is a Venezuelan revolutionary, member of the socialist organization Marea Socialista and co-founder of the independent left-wing website He was interviewed by Eva María, and the interview was translated by Alejandro Q.  This interview was first published by International Viewpoint on February 6, 2019.

Note from the interviewer and the editors of International Viewpoint: This interview was conducted on January 27 with Goméz, a leading voice of Venezuela’s Marea Socialista, which has consistently opposed U.S. imperialism, supported the gains made through the Bolivarian process, and criticized both Hugo Chávez’s and current President Nicolas Maduro’s concessions to national and international business interests, bureaucratic tendencies and anti-democratic maneuvers. On February 5, Goméz participated in a meeting with U.S.-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó as a representative of the Citizens’ Platform in Defense of the Constitution. This platform is organized by leftist figures who oppose U.S. intervention and propose a popular referendum (Consulta Popular) to avoid a violent confrontation.

We understand the Platform’s goals and their hope to use publicity from this event to make their own views known. However, we feel compelled to state that we are concerned the meeting with Guaidó, a leader who is receiving direct support from imperialist governments in Europe, from reactionary heads of state in Brazil and Argentina, and from the Trump administration itself, runs the risk of allowing the Venezuelan right to portray itself as “talking to all sides” in a media war designed to pave the way to intervention.