Extinction Rebellion

by Unknown

We have understood the science of the climate crisis for over 30 years. The first IPCC report, where the world’s scientific community set out the scale of the problem, came out in 1990. But our governments chose not to act then, and still fail us today.  Read more

2 scientists throw paint and stick scientific papers to the UK HQ of Murdoch’s media empire.

Scientists in Lausanne, Switzerland prepare for direct action.

School children plant trees with XR Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa for World Water Day.

Scientists post climate crisis papers to the Federal Ministry of Food & Agriculture in Berlin.

Watch the XR Université de Goma dance performance in this episode of XR Global News

A Rebellion of One in Wrocław. Lone rebels (with hidden support teams) blocked roads across Poland. The banner: ‘Climate crisis fears made me drop my dream career’.

‘Czas na Bunt’ (Time to Rebel) is painted on rebels outside Parliament.

Rebels in Toruń chain themselves to the gates of Radio Maryja – a media group infamous for spreading climate denial and far-right conspiracy theories

Sydney, Australia. Rebels block the National Australia Bank & tell it not to nab their future.

Paris, France. The Bank of France gets a makeover to match its dirty oil investments.

New York, USA. Rebels spray-painted and dropped banners from various dirty banks in the city, but when a rebel tragically fell from the side of a JPMorgan Chase building and broke his pelvis all further protests were cancelled.

London, UK. 7 women rebels break windows of Barclays HQ, the 7th dirtiest bank, inspired by the suffragettes who broke windows in their fight to win women the vote.

On 28th August 2021, XR Earth Fast will start in camps around the world.

Brussels, Belgium. A number of European financial institutions were targeted with a simple message – stop funding ecocide. XR Belgium’s efforts got a lot of media coverage.