Veganism: More Than a Diet

By contentsingle: Julie Whitaker Hornsby  Posted on

Each generation faces its own major challenge. During the 21st century — a period of fast technological development and economic growth accompanied by a world of hungry people and polluted rivers — one of the issues that we must confront is the loss of species biodiversity, whose main roots trace back to anthropogenic activities. One such human activity that is the leading cause of such problem is the consumption of animal products. Through raising livestock, humans negatively affect species biodiversity by contributing to both habitat loss and climate change and, through the greedy and irresponsible fishing habits developed by the fishing industry around the word, humans are blatantly degrading nature. With meat consumption expected to double between 2000 and 2050 to about 465 million tons, diet is critical in the fight against biodiversity loss. Ultimately, plant-based diets are our best option for preserving the Earth and its precious resources.