The Coming Struggle: Popular Resistance versus the Trump Regime

By: Richard Greeman  Posted on

A lifelong Marxist-Humanist-Anarcho-Utopian scholar and activist reflects on the challenges and prospects for the emerging resistance.  Greeman writes:

… Crony capitalism, although often dictatorial, is not yet fascism. It is of course nationalistic, authoritarian, racist, misogynist, fundamentalist and warlike, and it might easily degenerate into fascism – for example in the case of a crisis triggered by its Leader. But we are not there yet, and the goal of our united resistance is to block the road to fascism and nip it in the bud before it overwhelms us through the usual violent blitzkrieg tactics. Fascism’s rise depends on organized, aggressive movements allied with elements of the official police, capable of intimidating opponents and social movements in the streets. Mussolini had his Red Shirts, Hitler his Brown-shirted Storm troopers. Trump – although he is worshipped by the members of the KKK, white nationalist militias, right-wing racist cops, and domestic terrorists who bomb abortion clinics, mosques, synagogues and black churches – is so far only a virtual-reality one-man show. That could change, so let’s watch out…